H1 L1 LED kit CAN-bus 5700K, Hilox Evolution

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Pros and cons

  • New: The metal H1 foot for an even better fit.
  • 100% trouble-free for all CAN bus / on-board computer vehicles
  • Suitable for car, motor and truck
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Low price compared to OEM LED system
  • Simple Plug and Play assembly
  • High light output of 3200 Lumen per lamp, approximately 300% with respect to halogen
  • 6 x 4W Philips LUXEON Z ES LED
  • Perfect light beam = MOT approval
  • Cannot be combined with lamp adapters of e.g. Golf 6 and 7.
  • The copper brass strips in a single case are difficult to remove (45mm). in a single case. Check befor your purchase whether this fits, read the manual . Use rubber sealing caps to make it fit and waterproof

Alternative LED: H1 L2 LED kit 3200 Lumen

Alternative xenon: H1 Xenon kit Hilox Evolution 4200 Lumen

H1 CAN Bus LED For Fog Light and Big Light

The technology used in the latest cars is now also available as a 100% CAN-bus proof after-market LED kit. This allows you to replace your current H1 halogen fog lights with an H1 LED kit . This gives you a super tight bright beam of light and the leds do not have a startup delay. They are immediately at full strength. Our Hilox H1 CAN bus LED has a quantity of visible light of 2800Lumen. The H1 led lamps are easy to install and connect and you do not need to adjust your headlight. The H1 CAN bus LEDs are thus completely plug-and-play.

Perfect light beam

Because the standard H1 halogen lamp is the reference point in the development of this H1 LED, this H1 LED has the same lamp cap and focal point as standard halogen lighting. Therefore, this LED always has a good light image and a perfect fit. That way you are assured of a good working product and you will not blind oncoming traffic.

H1 LED Fog light with an extremely long lifetime

The Philips LUXEON Z ES LEDs last up to 50,000 hours, which is 50 times longer than halogen and 12 times longer than xenon. You will never have to replace a lamp again. This saves you money for the replacement and you do not risk getting any fines for driving without functioning lighting.

Latest LED technology

Our Hilox LEDs feature the latest technology in the field of LED lighting for road use. For example, we use five copper strips for the cooling of the Philips LUXEON Z LED to avoid becoming too hot.

Advantages H1 LED

  • Immediately at full strength
  • Low power consumption
  • Tight beam of light
  • Elegant white light color
  • Due to low start-up voltage, there is no chance of interference

Hilox Lighting in the media

Gezien in Nederlandse media als Truckstar, Motor-Magazine, TLN, Autoblog

De innovatieve verlichting van Hilox Lighting trekt veel aandacht van de Nederlandse media. Hier zijn we erg trots op, dat we als Nederlands merk in een zeer competitieve markt toch vernieuwend zijn.

Philips Luxeon Z ES Lumileds

De Hilox LED kits zijn voorzien van Philips Luxeon Z ES Lumileds, deze leds zijn speciaal door Philips ontwikkeld voor de automotive branche en hebben veruit de meeste lumens per Watt. Deze Philips Luxeon Z ES lumileds hebben een levensverwachting van wel 50.000 uur. En zo produceer je per koplamp wel 2800 Lumen, wat bijna net zoveel is als een xenonlamp.

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Meer informatie
Garantie18 maanden jaar carry-in-garantie
Lichsterkte in Lumen2.800LM
Start Stop/ PWM ProofJa
Levensduur50.000 uur
Can-Bus proofJa
HandleidingHoe monteer ik een led kit en hoe weet ik of het past?
ECEGeen ECE typegoedkeuring
DisclaimerNiet voorzien van ECE, enkel bestemd voor circuit, eigen terrein, off-road of shows Meer info ›
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